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New Profile Posts

  1. vro
    vro Nurkz
    pls guide me your autopots , need to test other ro
  2. vro
    vro df
    is there a guide for the autopots? i would like this to try in other ro
  3. MaxKri
  4. Askirol
    Askirol Franelo
    Buenas, aun estas jugando?
  5. dedmaroz
  6. Lazaro Corral
    Lazaro Corral df
    Could you share which program did you use to build the .exe autoclickers? (+ hopefully the source code?). I would love to build my own :)
  7. too eazy
  8. vasikokk
    vasikokk df
    So kawaii ^___^
  9. Marcell
    Marcell Ronnie Sanjaya
    salam kenal bro,
    apa ada perkumpulan orang Indonesia disini? =D
  10. Marcell
    Marcell Zhenknight
    salam kenal bro,
    apa ada perkumpulan orang Indonesia disini? =D
    1. Zhenknight
      Halo bro, wah kurang tau gw. Gw solo player disini, in game juga haha.
      Jul 21 2018
  11. Marcell
    Marcell Yu Narukami
    hello bro,
    salam kenal,
    apa ada tempat perkumpulan dari indonesia? =D
  12. Great Super Novice
    Great Super Novice
    I will make, Super Novices Great Again.
  13. Hustles
  14. Hey
  15. alfss
    alfss JohnnyBRAH
    hello, I found ur topic and text to discord, pls, add me to friends.
  16. Boxxy
    Absolutely livid
  17. mOOzVL
    mOOzVL df
    логин mOOz
    email glavgm@mail.ru
  18. Yu Narukami
    Yu Narukami
    Haha Orang Baik nick gw. Lo? Gw tpi lagi vakum smpe tgl 1 juli nih
  19. masgenitt
    masgenitt Yu Narukami
    Thanks gan. Udah bisa kok kmrn cm ganti dns doang. Haha. Btw nick nya apa nih
  20. TC BioAlchemist
    TC BioAlchemist
    Brasilia / Brasil player @Thor Ragnarok BRO