1. Dear players of Ragnarok Online Island!
    We are implement a new system to protect quality of BG games, and now we are hiring a BG Helpers.
    You can read about this on this topic : here


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Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
Zeny Zeny :ragzeny:
Thanks Thanks :ragthanks:
Love <3 Love <3 :raglove:
Think Think :ragthink: :raghmm:
Heart Heart :ragheart:
Regards Regards :ragregards:
No! No! :ragno:
Swt Swt :ragswt:
Kitty ^_^ Kitty ^_^ :ragnya:
Kiss Kiss :ragkiss:
:P :P :ragp:
Heh Heh :ragheh:
Ok / Yes Ok / Yes :ragok: :ragyes:
gg gg :raggg:
cat-girl-1 cat-girl-1 :cat-girl-1:
cat-girl-10 cat-girl-10 :cat-girl-10:
cat-girl-11 cat-girl-11 :cat-girl-11:
cat-girl-12 cat-girl-12 :cat-girl-12:
cat-girl-13 cat-girl-13 :cat-girl-13:
cat-girl-14 cat-girl-14 :cat-girl-14:
cat-girl-15 cat-girl-15 :cat-girl-15:
cat-girl-16 cat-girl-16 :cat-girl-16:
cat-girl-17 cat-girl-17 :cat-girl-17:
cat-girl-18 cat-girl-18 :cat-girl-18:
cat-girl-19 cat-girl-19 :cat-girl-19:
cat-girl-2 cat-girl-2 :cat-girl-2:
cat-girl-20 cat-girl-20 :cat-girl-20:
cat-girl-21 cat-girl-21 :cat-girl-21:
cat-girl-22 cat-girl-22 :cat-girl-22:
cat-girl-23 cat-girl-23 :cat-girl-23:
cat-girl-24 cat-girl-24 :cat-girl-24:
cat-girl-25 cat-girl-25 :cat-girl-25:
cat-girl-26 cat-girl-26 :cat-girl-26:
cat-girl-27 cat-girl-27 :cat-girl-27:
cat-girl-28 cat-girl-28 :cat-girl-28:
cat-girl-29 cat-girl-29 :cat-girl-29:
cat-girl-3 cat-girl-3 :cat-girl-3:
cat-girl-30 cat-girl-30 :cat-girl-30:
cat-girl-31 cat-girl-31 :cat-girl-31:
cat-girl-32 cat-girl-32 :cat-girl-32:
cat-girl-33 cat-girl-33 :cat-girl-33:
cat-girl-34 cat-girl-34 :cat-girl-34:
cat-girl-35 cat-girl-35 :cat-girl-35:
cat-girl-36 cat-girl-36 :cat-girl-36:
cat-girl-37 cat-girl-37 :cat-girl-37:
cat-girl-38 cat-girl-38 :cat-girl-38:
cat-girl-39 cat-girl-39 :cat-girl-39:
cat-girl-4 cat-girl-4 :cat-girl-4:
cat-girl-40 cat-girl-40 :cat-girl-40:
cat-girl-5 cat-girl-5 :cat-girl-5:
cat-girl-6 cat-girl-6 :cat-girl-6:
cat-girl-7 cat-girl-7 :cat-girl-7:
cat-girl-8 cat-girl-8 :cat-girl-8:
cat-girl-9 cat-girl-9 :cat-girl-9:
mukineko-1 mukineko-1 :mukineko-1:
mukineko-10 mukineko-10 :mukineko-10:
mukineko-11 mukineko-11 :mukineko-11:
mukineko-12 mukineko-12 :mukineko-12:
mukineko-13 mukineko-13 :mukineko-13:
mukineko-14 mukineko-14 :mukineko-14:
mukineko-15 mukineko-15 :mukineko-15:
mukineko-16 mukineko-16 :mukineko-16:
mukineko-17 mukineko-17 :mukineko-17:
mukineko-18 mukineko-18 :mukineko-18:
mukineko-19 mukineko-19 :mukineko-19:
mukineko-2 mukineko-2 :mukineko-2:
mukineko-20 mukineko-20 :mukineko-20:
mukineko-21 mukineko-21 :mukineko-21:
mukineko-22 mukineko-22 :mukineko-22:
mukineko-23 mukineko-23 :mukineko-23:
mukineko-24 mukineko-24 :mukineko-24:
mukineko-25 mukineko-25 :mukineko-25:
mukineko-26 mukineko-26 :mukineko-26:
mukineko-27 mukineko-27 :mukineko-27:
mukineko-28 mukineko-28 :mukineko-28:
mukineko-29 mukineko-29 :mukineko-29:
mukineko-3 mukineko-3 :mukineko-3:
mukineko-30 mukineko-30 :mukineko-30:
mukineko-31 mukineko-31 :mukineko-31:
mukineko-32 mukineko-32 :mukineko-32:
mukineko-33 mukineko-33 :mukineko-33:
mukineko-34 mukineko-34 :mukineko-34:
mukineko-35 mukineko-35 :mukineko-35:
mukineko-36 mukineko-36 :mukineko-36:
mukineko-37 mukineko-37 :mukineko-37:
mukineko-38 mukineko-38 :mukineko-38:
mukineko-39 mukineko-39 :mukineko-39:
mukineko-4 mukineko-4 :mukineko-4:
mukineko-40 mukineko-40 :mukineko-40:
mukineko-5 mukineko-5 :mukineko-5:
mukineko-6 mukineko-6 :mukineko-6:
mukineko-7 mukineko-7 :mukineko-7:
mukineko-8 mukineko-8 :mukineko-8:
mukineko-9 mukineko-9 :mukineko-9:
Aa Aa :ani_aa:
Ab Ab :ani_ab:
Ac Ac :ani_ac:
Ad Ad :ani_ad:
Ae Ae :ani_ae:
Af Af :ani_af:
Ag Ag :ani_ag:
Ah Ah :ani_ah:
Ai Ai :ani_ai:
Aj Aj :ani_aj:
Ak Ak :ani_ak:
Hmm Hmm :ani_hmm:
Am Am :ani_am:
An An :ani_an:
Ao Ao :ani_ao:
Ap Ap :ani_ap:
Aq Aq :ani_aq:
Ar Ar :ani_ar:
As As :ani_as:
At At :ani_at:
Au Au :ani_au:
Av Av :ani_av:
Love1 Love1 :ani_lv1:
Love2 Love2 :ani_lv2:
Ay Ay :ani_ay:
Az Az :ani_az:
Love3 Love3 :ani_lv3:
Bb Bb :ani_bb:
Bc Bc :ani_bc:
Bd Bd :ani_bd:
Zombied Zombied :ani_be: :zombied: :zombifyed:
Bf Bf :ani_bf:
Bg Bg :ani_bg:
Bh Bh :ani_bh:
Bi Bi :ani_bi:
Bj Bj :ani_bj:
Bk Bk :ani_bk:
Bl Bl :ani_bk:
Bm Bm :ani_bm:
Bn Bn :ani_bn:
Bo Bo :ani_bo:
Bp Bp :ani_bp:
Hi! Hi! :ani_hifriend:
Bye! Bye! :ani_byebye: :bye:
Bs Bs :ani_bs:
:D :D :xD: :biggrin: :anilol:
Dead Dead :ani_dead:
Bw Bw :ani_bw:
Bx Bx :ani_bx:
By By :ani_by:
Bz Bz :ani_bz:
Ca Ca :ani_ca:
Cb Cb :ani_cb:
Cc Cc :ani_cc:
Ce Ce :ani_ce:
Cg Cg :ani_cg:
Cj Cj :ani_cj:
Co Co :ani_co:
Cx Cx :ani_cx:
Df Df :ani_df:
Dg Dg :ani_dg:
Dh Dh :ani_dh:
Di Di :ani_di:
Dj Dj :ani_dj:
Dl Dl :ani_dl:
Smoke Smoke :ani_smoke:
Question Question :ani_question:
Dq Dq :ani_dq:
Ds Ds :ani_ds:
Du Du :ani_du:
Dv Dv :ani_dv:
Dx Dx :ani_dx:
Dy Dy :ani_dy:
Dz Dz :ani_dz:
Ea Ea :ani_ea:
Eb Eb :ani_eb:
Ec Ec :ani_ec:
Ed Ed :ani_ed:
Ee Ee :ani_ee:
Ef Ef :ani_ef:
Eg Eg :ani_eg:
Eh Eh :ani_eh:
Ei Ei :ani_ei:
Ej Ej :ani_ej:
Ek Ek :ani_ek:
El El :ani_el:
Em Em :ani_em:
Eq Eq :ani_eq:
Night Gamer Night Gamer :ani_nightgamer:
Hypnosis Hypnosis :ani_hypnosis:
Music Music :ani_music:
Blonde boobs Blonde boobs :ani_blondeboobs:
Ew Ew :ani_ew:
Ex Ex :ani_ex:
Ez Ez :ani_ez:
Fe Fe :ani_fe:
Ff Ff :ani_ff:
Fg Fg :ani_fg:
Fh Fh :ani_fh:
Fi Fi :ani_fi:
Fj Fj :ani_fj:
Fp Fp :ani_fp:
Fq Fq :ani_fq:
Gd Gd :ani_gd:
Ge Ge :ani_ge:
Gf Gf :ani_gf:
Gj Gj :ani_gj:
Gk Gk :ani_gk:
Gp Gp :ani_gp:
Gq Gq :ani_gq:
Gr Gr :ani_gr:
Gs Gs :ani_gs:
Gt Gt :ani_gt:
Gz Gz :ani_gz:
Ha Ha :ani_ha:
Hb Hb :ani_ha:
Hc Hc :ani_hc:
Hd Hd :ani_hd:
He He :ani_he:
df-sailor1 df-sailor1 :ani_df-sailor1:
Foxy PU Foxy PU :foxy_pu:
Red Fox Friend Red Fox Friend :foxy_friend:
Fox XD Fox XD :foxy_xd:
Fox Cry Fox Cry :foxy_cry:
Fox Drop Fox Drop :foxy_drop:
Fox Evil Fox Evil :foxy_evil:
Fox Huh Fox Huh :foxy_huh:
Fox Stalk Fox Stalk :foxy_stalk:
Fox Yawn Fox Yawn :foxy_yawn:
Foxy Nya Foxy Nya :foxy_nya:
Foxy Cry 2 Foxy Cry 2 :foxy_cry2:
Fox=P Fox=P :foxy_p:
Foxy Bye Bye Foxy Bye Bye :foxy_bye:
Foxeatplz Foxeatplz :foxy_eat:
Foxy Hide Foxy Hide :foxy_hide:
Foxy Ninja Foxy Ninja :foxy_ninja:
Raposa Ani Raposa Ani :foxy_ani1:
Raposa Shock Raposa Shock :foxy_shock:
Red Foxy Red Foxy :foxy:
nekomimi-56014 nekomimi-56014 :nekomimi-56014:
nekomimi-56015 nekomimi-56015 :nekomimi-56015:
nekomimi-56016 nekomimi-56016 :nekomimi-56016:
nekomimi-56017 nekomimi-56017 :nekomimi-56017:
nekomimi-56018 nekomimi-56018 :nekomimi-56018:
nekomimi-56019 nekomimi-56019 :nekomimi-56019:
nekomimi-56020 nekomimi-56020 :nekomimi-56020:
nekomimi-56021 nekomimi-56021 :nekomimi-56021:
nekomimi-56022 nekomimi-56022 :nekomimi-56022:
nekomimi-56023 nekomimi-56023 :nekomimi-56023:
nekomimi-56024 nekomimi-56024 :nekomimi-56024:
nekomimi-56025 nekomimi-56025 :nekomimi-56025:
nekomimi-56026 nekomimi-56026 :nekomimi-56026:
nekomimi-56027 nekomimi-56027 :nekomimi-56027:
nekomimi-56028 nekomimi-56028 :nekomimi-56028:
nekomimi-56029 nekomimi-56029 :nekomimi-56029:
nekomimi-56030 nekomimi-56030 :nekomimi-56030:
nekomimi-56031 nekomimi-56031 :nekomimi-56031:
nekomimi-56032 nekomimi-56032 :nekomimi-56032:
nekomimi-56033 nekomimi-56033 :nekomimi-56033:
nekomimi-56034 nekomimi-56034 :nekomimi-56034:
nekomimi-56035 nekomimi-56035 :nekomimi-56035:
nekomimi-56036 nekomimi-56036 :nekomimi-56036:
nekomimi-56037 nekomimi-56037 :nekomimi-56037:
nekomimi-56038 nekomimi-56038 :nekomimi-56038:
nekomimi-56039 nekomimi-56039 :nekomimi-56039:
nekomimi-56040 nekomimi-56040 :nekomimi-56040:
nekomimi-56041 nekomimi-56041 :nekomimi-56041:
nekomimi-56042 nekomimi-56042 :nekomimi-56042:
nekomimi-56043 nekomimi-56043 :nekomimi-56043:
nekomimi-56044 nekomimi-56044 :nekomimi-56044:
nekomimi-56045 nekomimi-56045 :nekomimi-56045:
nekomimi-56046 nekomimi-56046 :nekomimi-56046:
nekomimi-56047 nekomimi-56047 :nekomimi-56047:
nekomimi-56048 nekomimi-56048 :nekomimi-56048:
nekomimi-56049 nekomimi-56049 :nekomimi-56049:
nekomimi-56050 nekomimi-56050 :nekomimi-56050:
nekomimi-56051 nekomimi-56051 :nekomimi-56051:
nekomimi-56052 nekomimi-56052 :nekomimi-56052:
nekomimi-56053 nekomimi-56053 :nekomimi-56053: