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Information February 2019, Limited Sale

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Dess, Feb 21 2019.

  1. Dess

    Dess Administrator Staff Member

    May 8 2018
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    A trader cat came to Prontera from the Cat Islands along with some items!
    Some of these items were made at the request of the wealthy cats.
    However, those filthy wealthy cats bailed on the trader cat by not buying the items.
    Now the trader cat is in great trouble! Please help the cat by purchasing these items.
    These items are in limited quantity!

    They can be purchased using Zeny and War badges together!

    Limited sale will be started 22. feb 2018 at 10:00 (server time)
    NPC located in center of prontera 156, 222
    Items will be refilled everyday on 3 to 7 pieces (randomly) for every item.
    All items are tradable.
    Limitations: No more than 3 items per day for one player (Hardware Based)

    Refill Schedule:

    Items and Prices:

    Headgears from Cash Shop:


    Unique headgears:

    Other items: