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Closed More Alchemy Ingredients

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Rookstonia, Sep 18 2018.

  1. Rookstonia

    Rookstonia New Member

    Aug 14 2018
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    Suggestion prelude. Add other required materials for potion making

    What is the current situation? Items for potion making are currently lacking at the NPC store, sure there are the basics but alchemy class is not maximized (Twilight alchemy skill requires farming: Witch starsand / Stems and Poison Spore) as such Potion making(Bombs) is limited to just spamming Pharmacy that is why MVP-ing with Creator is not so popular as Champs

    What is your suggestion? Add more materials to NPC store (Witch Starsand, Empty Test Tube, Empty Potion Bottle, Stem and Poison Spore)
    Pros: Make alchemy class more viable to MVP vs Champ Asura
    Cons: None?
  2. Avis

    Avis New Member

    Aug 2 2018
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    As a player who sometimes sells bombs to make money, this would destroy the price of bombs. At a rate of 1 bomb per second with pharmacy, you can do 60 bombs in 2 minutes, i think is not that hard.
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  3. R4

    R4 Administrator Staff Member

    May 27 2018
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    Empty Test Tube, Empty Potion Bottle you can buy in Geffen (guild of magicians).
    Witch Starsand is not needed to make bombs.
    Alcohol you can buy in the tool dealer (no need Stem and Poison Spore).
    • 2.10 Allowed to use spam clickers for skill-spam (in active window only).